Disruptive’s state of the art technology, intelligent targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads aim to assist our partners in maximizing their campaigns return on investment (ROI) and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses.

Disruptive is committed to the growth of the mobile advertising industry in Tanzania by working directly with publishers, developers and advertisers. Tanzania has a tremendous growth in mobile internet users and today 45% of the Internet users in the region use their phones to connect to the internet. Moreover, 85% of them have downloaded mobile applications.

Disruptive provides you with a state of the mobile advertising technology to reach out to millions of mobile users in the region; we are committed to help our advertisers meet their campaign’s objectives by offering precise targeting and real-time analytical tools


Monetize your apps & mobile sites and start making money

Monetizing with Disruptive is all about utilizing the expertise and resources of the region’s first and largest mobile advertising network all to your benefit, guaranteeing you high fill rates, better eCPMs and the best personal service and support you can find.

Your mobile apps and mobile sites can be your biggest revenue stream when effective monetization takes place, Disruptive’s Rich Media advertising and latest technologies insure the highest ROI for every single impression you have.


Disruptive links advertisers and publishers together through its extensive mobile advertising network and diversified services. Our precise targeting options allow advertisers to reach their audience and achieve the highest ROI for their campaigns.

We aim at providing a specialized mobile advertising experience to all our partners and mobile users across the region. Disruptive’s up to date technology, smart targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads, aim to assist our partners in fulfilling their campaign’s objectives and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses.

Digital media has become a major player in advertising, and agencies have their own digital planning departments now as the demand for online presence keeps expanding.

The challenge lies in protecting the agency’s relationship with its clients while providing them with multiple advertising channels to fulfill their requests and get in return the most satisfying results.

At Disruptive we understand this delicate relationship and we are an agency friendly company and believe in working closely with our partners whether they are publishers, advertisers, agencies or developers.


The mobile advertising industry is booming and there is still a huge untapped potential especially in Tanzania where the number of mobile users way exceeds the number of internet users.

Since its inception Disruptuive is committed to position itself as the number one agency friendly company in the region. Enroll into our agency program and start making unprecedented benefits and revenues. For every single dollar you spend with Disruptive the reward is unbeatable.


Telcos are looking for new revenue streams to compensate for the flattened, at best, profits, with calls to find new opportunities beyond the traditional voice & mobile broadband or data services. The urgency is vital with the continuation of investments in the expansion of networks for current services and the expected 5G licenses & services. A new paradigm shift is sought after.

Adjacent verticals are open to Telco’s including the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. Advertisers, OTT’s and publishers are reaping the revenues however mobile operators have a variable that is in demand. They have accurate real time information on customer profile attributes. Precise information on each customer such as demographics, mobile voice & data use, package type and browsing history. This first party data is in demand by advertisers.

Disruptive Demand Manager (ADM) is built with customer privacy and security as its fundamental base and as such all customer Personal Identifier Information (PII) is anonymized. Through one single point of contact to Disruptive Advertising Platform, the mobile operator accesses the mobile ecosystem and thus minimizes information sharing. The end mobile customer has no change in experience. No need for a plugin, toolbar or redirection. Seamless experience to the mobile customer.